Deciding On The Right Looks For The Groom And Groomsmen

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Creating the right atmosphere for your wedding means more than just selecting the right decorations, planning the right catered meal, and selecting the right venue option to hold your guests. The style choices made by both bride and groom can make the formality and tone of your event clear. While the iconic bridal gown can garner more attention at the altar, you should put time and thought into what your groom wears. You can look into classic options involving the tuxedo, dress down in a suit, or go with a more casual look for an informal celebration. Your groomsmen can wear largely similar attire, though you should look for a way to distinguish the groom from his party.

Your Groom’s Attire Should Reflect The Formality Of Your Event

While many different grooms have tried different attire options, you should make sure that the outfit you choose matches the formality of your event. If your goal is to have a traditional wedding experience, a groom in a bright jacket and no neck wear is going to feel out of place. In addition to thinking about how your groom is going to look at the altar, and in your reception area, you also need to think about how their attire choice matches what you choose to wear.

Deciding On Attire For The Best Man And Groomsmen

The best man and groomsmen should wear attire that closely matches what the groom wears. In fact, you can select largely identical outfits, which can make your options for renting formal wear easier. One of the easiest ways to make the groom stand out is to change the color of one item in their outfit. For example, your groom could have a white tie while everyone else wears black ties. You could also make a change in jacket color to help differentiate your partner from the group.

Should You Ask Your Ushers To Dress A Certain Way?

Your ushers are NOT required to wear the same attire that the groomsmen have on, and are typically not required to wear a pre-determined outfit. With that said, they should be dressed appropriately for the occasion. If your wedding event is more formal, give them as much advance notice as possible concerning what they should wear, in case they need to invest in a new suit before your celebration.

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