Deciding On The Wedding Gifts You Want On Your Registry

Professional Photo By: Wes Atkinson Phototography

Building your wedding registry can be fun. After all, you have an excuse to browse stores and online inventories in search of products that can help you start married life in style. With that said, you might find yourself hesitating before making selections. If you and your partner already live together, or if the two of you already have all the appliances and other home items you can imagine needing, you may find yourself asking why you should ask for these traditional products. While you can ask for some classic registry gifts, you may want to introduce some modern alternatives. Some couples choose to make their registry all about their honeymoon, while others drop it entirely, or ask guests to give donations in their name.

Traditional Registries Focus On Goods For Your Home

The traditional wedding registry assumed that a happy couple would move in together after marriage, and would need assistance starting their shared domestic life. As a result, guests expect to find goods that belong in the kitchen, towels, and other items that tend to be more practical than fun. Even if you want to largely escape this tradition, you might consider looking for items you are ready to replace, or upgrade. You do not have to create a full registry, but you can give more older and more traditional guests some recognizable items to purchase.

Can You Just Skip The Registry?

You are certainly not required to have a registry, but its absence can lead to confusion. Clarifying the absence of a registry can help your guests, who may otherwise reach out to you for guidance on what to purchase. You can leave the details out of your invitations, but mention your preference on your wedding website. What many couples do is offer people a chance to give a “gift” in the form of a charitable donation made in their name.

Using Your Registry To Help With Your Honeymoon

Setting up a registry for your honeymoon can mean more than just asking for donations to help manage your costs! You can ask for travel-friendly items like luggage, beach towels, or other beneficial supplies. With that said, you may find that the most crucial form of support is financial. With a Honeyfund in place, you can request that guests give towards a specific goal of helping you and your partner celebrate your new union in style.

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