Finding The Appropriate Length For Your Engagement Period

Professional Photo By: Ashley Peterson Photography

The day of your proposal can be one of the absolute happiest of your life. After making plans to wed, you and your partner have an important decision to make – when should your celebration take place? Because committing to a date also means committing to a deadline for all wedding preparations, this is not a decision to take lightly! While some prefer to have a short engagement, others find themselves putting off that time to tie the knot. There is no single “correct” length of time for a couple to wait before the wedding. With that said, if you are trying to postpone because you worry about planning, you should know that Texas Old Town offers amenities that can make your engagement period easier. We can even offer an All-Inclusive Wedding Package, where we handle much of the work of arranging your wedding for you!

There Is No “Correct” Amount Of Time To Be Engaged

Couples commonly have engagement periods of around thirteen or fourteen months. Should you be worried if you feel you might need more time to plan or save for your wedding? Does this mean you need to give up your ideal date because it is occurring too soon? You should not feel obligated to keep your engagement period within a certain window. The correct length is the one that fits you and your partner. With that said, our support can make planning easier than you anticipate, so if you feel you must push your date back for the sake of preparedness, we can help!

A Fall Or Winter Wedding Can Help You Adjust Your Engagement Period

While some people believe that a wedding should take place in the spring or summer months, we have hosted many beautiful celebrations in fall and winter! Choosing a nontraditional date can actually make arrangements easier, as you can have less competition for in-demand wedding vendors. This decision can also inspire different decorating choices that help your celebration stand apart.

Worried About Wedding Planning? We Have An All-Inclusive Wedding Package!

If you want to make the planning process simpler, just ask us for help! With our All-Inclusive Wedding Package, we provide dedicated support by seeking out vendors on your behalf, and making all of the arrangements you dictate to us. Because we make these arrangements based around your concerns and preferences, we can make sure that your event satisfies your goals for your wedding, even if you are not the one directly involved in preparations.

Plan A Wonderful Texas Old Town Wedding With Your Partner!

While your engagement period can be a wonderful time, Texas Old Town can make its end truly exciting by providing you with an amazing wedding experience! To arrange a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, please call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.