Making Sure Everything Is In Place For Your Wedding Toast

Professional Photo By: A. Gamble Photo

The wedding toasts that take place at your reception give the people closest to you opportunities to share what you mean to them, and their fond wishes for you and your partner in your married life. The words shared can be heartfelt, insightful, and sometimes even humorous. While it may seem simple enough to plan for wedding toasts, this is one custom out of many that you may want to fit into your wedding reception. If your event is not properly planned and coordinated, you may run short on time, and leave people without enough space to share their thoughts and feelings. You also need to think about how your plans for your wedding toasts affect your beverage purchases – after all, people need glasses in hand when the time comes to say cheers to the happy couple!

Make Sure You Have Drinks For Everyone

When you plan out your drink menu for the evening, make sure you tabulate how much champagne you need for your toasts separately from your general beverages. Even if you plan to have champagne as an option for guests, you have a set number of bottles that will only be opened when it is time to do your toasts.

Finding The Right Time For Your Wedding Toast

You should make sure your event coordinator is clear on where your toast fits into other reception activities like your first dance, your dinner service, and the serving of your wedding cake. In addition to knowing where the toast fits, you should make sure other activities are on schedule to the best of your ability. If you are running behind before the toast, you may want to graciously mention the time crunch to the people who are speaking.

Your Toast Is Just One Part Of The Wedding Reception Experience

The toasts you hear can be touching, but they are just one of many moments in your wedding reception that you can absolutely love! The reception is your time to interact with your guests, and thank everyone for attending. While it may seem odd to implement so much organization into something that is supposed to be a party, having solid plans for your reception can help you keep matters on course, and enjoy each tradition that you want to take part in on your special day.

Texas Old Town Offers A Wedding Experience Worth Toasting!

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