Month: October 2019

Finding The Appropriate Length For Your Engagement Period

The day of your proposal can be one of the absolute happiest of your life. After making plans to wed, you and your partner have an important decision to make – when should your celebration take place? Because committing to a date also means committing to a deadline for all wedding preparations, this is not… Read more »

What Should You Do With Your Wedding Website?

You can safely assume that guests, particularly close friends and family, will be excited for your wedding. With that said, you can also expect them to have questions about the upcoming event. If you want to make sure people have relevant information WITHOUT fielding questions throughout your engagement period, your wedding website can help. When… Read more »

Deciding On The Wedding Gifts You Want On Your Registry

Building your wedding registry can be fun. After all, you have an excuse to browse stores and online inventories in search of products that can help you start married life in style. With that said, you might find yourself hesitating before making selections. If you and your partner already live together, or if the two… Read more »