Questions About Wedding Invitations? These Tips Can Help!

Professional Photo By: J. Sparks Photography

While you can be excited to send out your invitations for your wedding, you may be nervous about making them. Obviously, you need to be careful not to leave typos in place, or leave out important details for your guests. You also have to think about what your design should be, and whether you should go with traditional cards or e-vites. Unfortunately, if you put off sending your invitations for too long, you can wind up giving guests too little time to respond, and make arrangements to be there for you on your special day. With smart planning and the right services, you can make the process of designing and sending invitations easier. We do provide assistance with invitations for our guests who purchase an All-Inclusive Wedding Package.

When Should You Send Out Your Invitations?

You should make sure your guests have enough time to respond to your invitation, and make any necessary arrangements for travel, or to clear their work schedule. Giving people their invitations six to eight weeks before your wedding date can give them enough time to respond, while not leaving too much time open between the arrival of your invites and the day itself. When invitations are sent out too soon, people may decide they have plenty of time to respond…then forget to do so. If you want to make sure people keep their calendars clear on your chosen wedding date, sending out save-the-date cards are recommended. These cards let people know they will be welcomed at your event, and when it is happening, but you do not have to offer up all of the details for your event.

What Information Should You Put On Your Invites?

The address of your event, along with the date and time, are obviously crucial pieces of information. Make sure these details are visible, written with a clear font, and difficult to overlook. You can provide additional important details like your proposed dress code, but limit the overall information you share as you should try to emphasize your primary event information as much as possible. If you want to share extra information, let guests know that they can visit your wedding website.

We Offer Help With Invitations As Part Of Our All-Inclusive Wedding Package

If you are looking for expert help with your wedding invitations, we can provide it as part of the support available through our All-Inclusive Wedding Package! Our goal with this package is to make your celebration as easy to enjoy as possible. We can contact expert vendors on your behalf, and request the services you desire for your special day. Your package also offers dedicated support on the day itself!

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