Selecting The Colors You Want To Feature In Your Wedding

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Your wedding colors have a significant role to play in determining how your wedding ceremony and reception should look. Because of this, couples can be understandably nervous about making sure they pick the absolute best colors for their event. This decision can contribute to how formal your wedding looks, and help you play up a particular theme. It can also affect decisions regarding what your wedding party will wear, and how your floral arrangements should look. Our natural outdoor settings and welcoming venue spaces can accommodate many different color combinations. During a tour of our venue spaces, you can take the time to discuss your color preferences, or bring samples to help envision how certain sets of colors might work within your preferred spaces.

Should I Go With Bold Or Subtle Wedding Colors?

There is no strict rule regarding how bold or subtle your wedding colors should be, but the decision you make can affect how formal your event feels to your guests. Bolder colors can feel fun and vivid, but they can feel too strong if you want to host a traditional and elegant event. What they can do is create a sense of brightness, and keep people in high spirits throughout your wedding. With muted colors, you can create a finer atmosphere, and match the tone of formal dress. However, if you want to host an event that is more laid-back for your guests, they can make your decorations feel relatively drab.

Let The Season Inspire Your Wedding Colors

If you are looking for inspiration with your wedding colors, check the calendar! The season when your wedding occurs can inspire important cosmetic choices, affect what flowers are available, and influence the way people dress. Because of this, seasonally appropriate colors can be easily incorporated into an event. With that said, you can take a fun alternative approach and design a color scheme that contradicts the season. For example, setting up decorations with lush and vivid colors at a winter wedding can make people feel as though they are escaping the chilly season during your event.

Finding Ways To Show Off Your Colors

Obviously, you will want to feature your wedding colors when you select centerpieces for your reception, design your wedding invitations, or add to your altar. You can also make use of them when you think about the look of your wedding party! Your bridesmaid dresses can feel more appropriate when they match the decorations, and establish a consistent look for your event. You can also spruce up the groomsmen by giving them ties or pocket squares that fit your wedding colors.

Host A Beautiful Wedding At Texas Old Town!

Texas Old Town provides couples with beautiful spaces for many different types of weddings! You can find the right setting for large and small celebrations, and use our location to express your ideal wedding theme. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.