Should Your Family Have Input On Your Wedding Plans?

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Many couples today take care of their wedding costs themselves. In the past, the expectation was that the bride’s family would be responsible for financing this special day. Even if their monetary contributions are limited, family members – particularly parents – expect to have some input on wedding plans. Having extra support can be a relief during your engagement period, as this can be a particularly busy time! With that said, you may be unsure of how much you should expect from your parents. You can also be uncomfortable at the thought of someone else’s ideas clashing with yours. Navigating contrasting wedding plans can be difficult, but remember that this is your special day, and that the vision you truly love is one you have a right to defend.

Collaborating With Family On Your Wedding Vision

For the most part, having your family members (and your partner’s family members) helping with wedding planning can be a benefit. They can help you meet with vendors, discuss your ideas for decorating, and assist you when you need a third party opinion on a certain decision. If you want to secure family support early, or if you want to set boundaries on the help you are offered, say so early in planning. When you are clear about what you want up front, you can avoid conflicts and misunderstandings as your date draws near.

Making Space In Your Guest List For People Your Parents Want To Invite

When parents help with some, or all, of the costs associated with your wedding, they may be particularly interested in giving you names of people to invite to your celebration. This can be a common request, and you should be prepared to give up some of the space on your guest list for their names. With that said, make sure they know how large you want your wedding to be, so they understand that you may have a limited number of invitations to share.

What If I Disagree With My Family On Certain Wedding Details?

Conflicts during wedding planning can be frustrating, but they do not have to bring your preparations to a halt! If you and your partner are taking on the costs of the wedding yourselves, your family should respect that final decisions are yours to make. In a situation where your family is paying for some or all of your event, taking a step back from the conflict can be wise. Is there a potential compromise between the two sides? Will one disagreement fundamentally change your wedding experience? Disagreements can be tense, but pushing for a mutual solution over one side versus the other can help you resolve the matter.

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