The Right Venue Amenities Can Make Your Wedding Day Easier

Professional Photo By: Ashley Nicole Affair

The people in your wedding party, and your family members, can step in at various moments to make wedding planning easier. These are the people who take on responsibilities regarding pre-wedding events, after all. They can also help you with dress shopping, and simply by offering a sympathetic ear when you feel stressed. With that said, there are limits to what they can do, no matter how dedicated they are. Fortunately, Texas Old Town is able to help! All of our guests can count on generous amenities that make celebrating easier. For those couples interested in extra support, we can also provide help with our All-Inclusive Wedding Package.

Use Your Early Venue Access To Make Sure Everything Is In Place Before Your Ceremony

One of the challenges many couples face is fitting in the time to make sure all of their decorations in place, and that their vendors have what they need to serve effectively on their wedding day. Because we provide sixteen hours of access to couples, we can give you ample time to ensure that everything is in order well before your first guests begin trickling in. Since our indoor spaces include suites for both the groom’s party and the bridal party, you can have everyone arrive early to dress at the venue, and be on hand to provide support.

Our Preferred Vendors List Can Help You Discover Experts Who Offer Great Wedding Services

Finding the right professionals for your wedding day can be a tough task, but our Preferred Vendors List can help you narrow your search to people who have proven capable of handling celebrations at our site. With your access to this list, you can start connecting with people who provide many different services, and securing their support for your special day!

Interested In More Support? Ask About Our All-Inclusive Wedding Package!

The demands of planning a wedding depend on more than just the size of your event! If you have a lack of time, feel intimidated by the demands of planning, or just want to rely on extra support, we can help with our All-Inclusive Wedding Package. When you purchase this package, we take on the responsibilities of finding and working with vendors, and making sure everything is put in place on the day itself. This can be your key to enjoying a stress-free planning experience. Because you are able to dictate the details of the event to us, you can still see your wedding vision brought to life!

Texas Old Town Can Offer You A Wonderful Wedding Experience

Texas Old Town is proud to provide great support to couples who want to host their wedding day at our venue! In addition to making the process of wedding planning easier, we are proud to provide beautiful outdoor settings, and terrific indoor spaces for receptions. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.