These Ideas Can Help You End Your Reception In Style

Professional Photo By: Meg Amorette Photography

Your wedding may be wonderful, but you have to accept that it must end sometime. While some of your guests will depart before your night is over, you should have plans in place for the end of your wedding. The exit of the bride and groom makes for a memorable experience, but this is just one part of your night’s end that you should think about while planning your overall event. With the right touches, your guests can appreciate the way you reception wraps up. You can make plans to offer treats for your guests, and make sure your dance floor is packed until the end of the night. You should also make sure you stay on track for other reception activities, so you do not feel rushed during moments like your toast, or your bouquet toss.

Plan A Visually Stunning (And Less Messy) Exit For The Bride And Groom

Your exit with your partner can create amazing photos, and it can be a fun way to draw your night to a close. You can even keep up the spirit of your event by arranging for a limousine ride, or luxury car service, when you leave. One thing you should also think about the guests who stay after, particularly anyone who has volunteered to stay and clean. Bubbles, neon glow sticks, and other fun items can create a great night-closing visual while making less mess, meaning it can be easier for everyone to clean up after the reception.

Offer Your Guests A Treat At The End Of The Night

Between your dinner, and your dessert, your guests can leave your event with full stomachs. With that said, a small treat at the end of the reception can be warmly received by your friends and family members.  One thing to consider is offering up cups of coffee when the night comes to a close. Doing so can complement your wedding cake, and it can keep people alert when they drive home.

Make Sure Your Guests Are Aware When The Bar Is Ready To Close

While your guests are busy enjoying themselves, they may not realize that your night is close to being done. Make sure your DJ or bandleader gives everyone an appropriate warning that your bar will be closing when you are almost done serving drinks. This gives anyone interested a chance to pick up one more glass, and ensures that people are not caught off guard by the night’s end.

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