Things To Consider When You Plan Your First Dance

Professional Photo By: Wes Atkinson Photography

Your time together at the altar will be the first moment you and your partner share during your wedding day, but it certainly will not be the last. While exchanging vows in front of everyone can be a deeply personal experience, many couples also feel some pressure from the idea of having their first dance in front of everyone. If you are an inexperienced dancer, and you have watched more than a few viral videos of impressive first dances, this moment can feel particularly challenging. Fortunately, your friends and family are there to support you, not judge you! With a little practice, a “simple” dance can still impress guests, and feel perfect for you and your partner. 

Picking The Right Song

If you and your partner have a song that feels important to your time together, or if you know of one that has some other kind of special significance, this can be an easy decision. Of course, not everyone will have a song choice that leaps out at them. To narrow your options, discuss what you want in broad terms first. Select a genre, think about whether you want to play something classic or contemporary, then consider what themes you would want from a song. From there, you can have a smaller field of choices that feels manageable. Make sure you communicate that choice to your DJ or bandleader in advance, so you can be sure it is ready to play during the big moment.

How Much Time Should We Spend Practicing?

If you are particularly nervous about tripping over your own feet on the dance floor, give yourself time to run through your steps several times. Even if you are keeping matters simple, having some established moves planned in advance can keep you grounded, and make you aware of what your partner is doing. For couples who only want to share a slow dance, and limit how many “moves” you show off, it can still be beneficial to run through  this several times in the weeks before the wedding, just to feel comfortable.

Other Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Your Dance Floor

Having a professional in charge of music means having someone in control who can change up the music selection if the dance floor thins out. Featuring songs with familiar dance steps can attract more people to the floor, but try to space these out so you do not exhaust your guests. You should also remember that no matter how large or small your guest list is, you will likely have plenty of people who prefer to limit their dancing. This is not a sign that you are not doing enough to entertain them – after all, your reception still provides them with music, food, drinks, and dessert!

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