Tips To Follow When You Are Ready To Announce Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

From the moment you and your partner become engaged, you can be thrilled to let everyone know about your big life change. Because news so often travels through social media, you may assume that all you need to do is change your relationship status on Facebook to effectively let everyone know what is happening, but you may want to hold off on this switch. Your close friends and family members can rightly assume that they will hear the news from you before the public does – sharing with everyone in such a public way may leave people feeling hurt. You can also find that once the news is official, people expect wedding details. While you do not need to have everything in place, you should have enough planning done to follow up with save-the-dates or invitations relatively soon after sharing your engagement.

Share Your News Privately With Close Friends And Family First

Your closest friends and your family members should hear about the news of your engagement privately, before you share the news more broadly. This does not have to be a planned event, but reaching out and letting them know what is happening can be greatly appreciated. Even if they were already aware that the proposal would happen soon, hearing about it after it happens can mean so much to the people you are close to, particularly when they are trusted with the information first.

Making Your News Public

By wearing an engagement ring, you can tip off the people you see on a regular basis that your relationship status has changed. With that said, you can still make some effort to reveal to everyone that you are planning on being married! Many couples reveal some of their favorite shots from their proposal or engagement photos when they announce their engagement. If you want to have your photos taken in a private, picturesque setting, you can reserve space at Texas Old Town! Our Texas Hill Country landscapes and natural features can serve as great backdrops for your photos with your partner.

Crafting Your Save-The-Dates And Invitations

After you announce that you intend to wed, you should be thinking about who you want to be at your wedding. Save-the-dates are not required, and they can be unnecessary if you have a relatively short engagement period. However, if your wedding is further out, the advance notice they provide can help ensure that guests are free to attend. While your invitations need to be clear about when and where your event is happening, your save-the-dates only require the date, city, and approximate time, though you can certainly share more information.

You Can Bring Guests To An Amazing Wedding Experience At Texas Old Town!

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