Tips To Make A Smaller Wedding A Big Hit With Your Guests

Professional Photo By: Creatrix Photography

As you think about your ideal wedding, you may decide that a smaller, more intimate gathering is ideal for you. With a smaller guest list, you can create a celebration that gives more attention to the people in attendance. You can also find that you just feel more comfortable with a tighter, more select group of people in attendance. We understand this, and we have venues that are designed to accommodate both larger and smaller events. While you can enjoy potential cost savings from a smaller wedding, you should put real time and effort into ensuring that your plans are ideal for an event of this size.

Make Sure Your Venue Is The Right Size To Host A Smaller Wedding

Inviting a select group of people to a cavernous event space can make your wedding feel more empty than intimate. As you explore a setting, and think about the distribution of tables and chairs where your guests will sit in the reception area, be mindful of how much room your guests might need, and how to avoid leaving too much open space. Because we have different venue sizes, we have different options you can consider when you think about what space might be “right” for your celebration.

Splurge On A Fancier Meal To Serve During Your Reception

Serving your reception meal can be easier when you have fewer guests, and there is an obvious cost benefit when you need less food. With that said, you can make your experience truly memorable with the right approach to your menu, and your serving style. If you want to make your event more formal, have your meals plated and served to guests at their seats. If you want to keep your evening casual, but still give everyone a memorable dinner, you can swap out the traditional plated and buffet options by serving up food family-style. In this scenario, you can lay out the different meal options at each table, and let guests serve each other.

Offer Your Guests More Than Just Dancing For Reception Entertainment

At a smaller wedding, you can find that you have more than enough room for your dance floor. Of course, to keep spirits high throughout the night, you may want to do more during your reception than offer the traditional dancing, drinks, and music. Consider setting up a photo booth people can use, or have games set up for people to play! This is something fun and different that can be especially welcoming to people who prefer to avoid the dance floor.

Texas Old Town Can Provide A Great Setting For A Smaller Wedding!

Texas Old Town is prepared to welcome couples who want to host a smaller, more intimate wedding experience. We have venue spaces that work for both larger and smaller gatherings, and we can provide amenities and support to ensure your celebration lives up to your wedding vision. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.