Welcoming A Photographer And Videographer To Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Photos By Yaz

Your phone is capable of taking great pictures, and recording quality videos. You can safely assume that many of your guests have phones with similar abilities. So with this in mind, do you still need to have a photographer and videographer on hand to capture the many important moments of your wedding? It might be tempting to rely on friends and family to save money, but the truth is that without professional eyes on your special event, many significant moments will be missed in the course of your night. Giving professional vendors space to capture images, and record videos, will help you maintain a record of your wedding day that you cherish. These experts are also able to arrange and quickly take group photos with your family and wedding party members, which can be important keepsakes.

Do We Really Need Professionals For Photos And Videos?

You may love some of the shots you see from your friends and family after your wedding. In fact, you should consider creating a special wedding hashtag, and encouraging people to use it, so you can easily find pictures they post on social media. While people are more prepared to take pictures and video, you should think twice before cutting out the expenses of professional photography and videography services. With talented people behind the camera and video lenses, you can count on more moments being captured, and you can expect more quality from these images and videos. Also, remember that your guests are primarily at your wedding to have a good time, and celebrate your special moment, so they are less motivated to think about what pictures they should take.

Asking Guests To Leave Ceremony Photos To Professionals

If some of your guests are busy trying to take pictures of the groomsmen and groom standing at the altar, or if they are trying to record your walk down the aisle, they can distract other people in attendance. You also have to worry about people sharing moments from your ceremony before you are ready. Your camera person can reliably capture all of the important moments from this part of your wedding, and create high quality images that you are eager to share at the right time.

Arranging Planned Photos Between Your Ceremony And Reception

Your professional photographer is prepared to take plenty of candid photos, but you also need to count on them to capture pictures of you and your partner with your family members and wedding party members. Their expertise can ensure that this process is relatively short, so you can return to your other guests, and begin your reception! Even though this process can be relatively brief, some couples provide snacks and refreshments as part of an informal “cocktail hour” between the ceremony and reception events.

A Texas Old Town Wedding Can Be A Truly Picturesque Event!

You can cherish the images taken at your Texas Old Town wedding! Our venue is nestled in beautiful Texas Hill Country, which can create a stunning environment for your celebration. You can also enjoy an amazing experience thanks to our generous amenities, which can make your special day easier to enjoy. To find out more, or to set up a tour of our Kyle, TX event venue, call 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.