What Will Your Guests Do Between The Ceremony And Reception?

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

There are many traditions to draw from as you plan your wedding ceremony, and outline what you want to do during your reception. However, you may find yourself unsure of what to do with your guests between the time of these two events. Typically, the happy couple will gather with their wedding party, and their close family members, to pose for pictures during this time. In order to keep your guests occupied, you may want to arrange a sort of informal cocktail hour. By providing light snacks and refreshments, you can keep everyone happy, and you can feel more comfortable taking the time to have your staged photos taken!

Making Time For Group Photos Before Your Reception

For many couples, the family photos taken before the reception begins can be some of the most important shots that they receive. These images can be great decorations for your new home together, and it can be a wonderful collection of your family and friends at this significant moment in your life. Even if you want to keep the space between your ceremony and reception short, you should take some time to have these images taken. To make the process easier, consider staking out a place in advance for pictures, and make sure everyone knows where they should be.

Setting Up A Cocktail Hour For Your Guests

Hosting a cocktail hour for your guests can keep people fed, and offer up refreshments, while you take photos, and any last minute arrangements are made to prepare the reception area. With our Texas Hill Country setting, you can find that guests enjoy having time to take in the natural beauty of your wedding location. You can also make the wait for your reception dinner easier by making sure people have something to tide them over until the reception officially begins. A cocktail hour does not need to be a formal part of your experience, and it does not have to last for a full hour, but this planned period can make you feel more at ease with a waiting period between your wedding events.

First Look Photos Can Shorten Your Time Between Your Ceremony And Reception

If you are hoping to shorten the time between your ceremony and reception as much as possible, consider having first look photos taken before your ceremony. In this pre-ceremony shoot, you and your partner take your personal photos together, so they will not need to take place before your reception. This can be convenient, but many couples enjoy this shoot because they are able to capture the moment that the bride’s dress is revealed to the groom!

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