3 Creative Approaches To Building Your Wedding Registry

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The common idea around the wedding registry is that it allows guests to help a newly married couple fill their shared home with needed goods and appliances. For many reasons, the “typical” registry gifts often seem less than necessary for people who are preparing to wed. What should you do if you already have plenty of home goods and appliances, and feel little interest in the standard registry? Couples who find themselves in this predicament have found creative solutions to their problem. An alternative approach to the gift registry can help you receive items that have real value for you, and give people plenty of opportunity to support your wedding!

1. Use Your Registry To Support Your Honeymoon

A fun honeymoon experience can provide you with lasting memories, but the expense of travel after paying for a wedding can make an excursion difficult for some couples to enjoy. You may want to consider turning your registry into a means for people to support your honeymoon through a Honeyfund. If you want to give people physical gift options, you can build your registry around items that will help you travel. In this instance, you can ask for something larger, like luggage, while still giving people the option of purchasing something smaller, like a neck pillow you can wear on the plane.

2. Ask For Donations Instead Of Gifts

If you have few needs for yourself, you may want to ask that people donate to a charity in lieu of purchasing gifts for you and your partner. Some couples who choose to ask for donations instead of gifts will select a particular group or organization, and ask that guests contribute to a single large donation. However, if you prefer not to single out a single entity, you can simply ask that people make donations in your honor to the group of their choice.

3. Create A Registry Based Around Supporting Local Shops

With a locally-focused registry, you can use your wedding as an opportunity to support the many small businesses in your community. You may be surprised at how easy it is to build a registry with local shops, and how many are ready to provide some kind of online shopping for your guests. This option is great for people who prefer personalized, unique items over conventional goods, as well as a fun way to support local people.

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