Accommodating Wedding Guests Who Bring Their Children

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Encouraging your wedding guests to bring their kids can help make your event feel like a fun, family-centered affair. Many couples also enjoy having young guests present because it gives their own young family members more people to interact with. With that said, you may want to take the time to consider how making your event all-ages can affect your wedding preparations. It is important to know which families intend to bring their kids, because their presence will affect your total guest count. You will also want this information available as soon as possible so you can plan out your seating charts. If you expect to have a number of youngsters present, it may be beneficial to set up a kids’ table, where they can be entertained while adult guests celebrate.

Adjust Your Guest Count Accordingly If You Welcome Guests’ Kids At Your Wedding

It is important to have the most exact guest count possible as soon as possible. The final count will determine how much food you need to provide (which will affect your budget), and how much seating you will need. If you intend to welcome kids, set your initial guest count with the expectation that all of the parents who are invited will bring their children with them. You may have parents who prefer to leave the kids at home, but you need to be prepared to host everyone when you send out your invitations.

Placing Families At Reception Tables

Arranging your seating chart can be challenging in any circumstances. When you have families who need to be placed, this task can be particularly tough to arrange. One thing to avoid is leaving single guests and childless couples surrounded by families. This can be awkward for them, and affect their experience. Keeping families together can be a positive because kids can be naturally tempted to look for playmates during the wedding. Putting them near each other can ensure that they are not wandering far to find new friends!

Setting Up An Activities Area For Your Youngest Guests During The Reception

If you expect to have several young guests in attendance, some smart preparations can help them have a better experience. One thing you can do is make sure there are some kid-friendly meal options with your reception dinner. You can also keep children happy at your celebration by setting up a fun kids’ table at the reception. Putting coloring books, puzzles, and other games at the table can keep youngsters occupied while the adults drink, mingle, and dance. For more support, you can hire someone to watch the table and the kids, so parents can have a little more fun during your special day.

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