Creating The Right Rustic Atmosphere For Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

Rustic weddings have become popular because they allow couples to create a quaint and homely atmosphere while still setting up a visually stunning wedding experience. The charm of homespun, often DIY-inspired wedding decorations is hard for guests to resist, and it can also help you establish a clear theme without losing control of your budget. Many people who want a rustic wedding experience find that an outdoor ceremony is ideal for creating the right mood for their event. All of our venue options can provide stunning locations for your outdoor celebration. In addition to providing a beautiful Texas Hill Country backdrop for your event, our Preferred Vendors List can help you find people who are prepared to bring your wedding vision to life!

Finding The Right Space For A Rustic Wedding Atmosphere

While our ceremony and reception spaces can serve as ideal locations for many different wedding themes, our Texas Hill Country setting can be an inspired choice for couples who want to have a rustic celebration. Our venues vary in size, which prepares us to host both larger and smaller wedding events.

Should I Include DIY Decorations At A Rustic Wedding?

When couples think about hosting a rustic wedding experience, they often consider including at least a few DIY elements in their decorations. Repurposed or recycled items can make for inexpensive decorations, and the right style choices can help them add to the charm of your overall event. With that said, there are a few matters you should consider before moving forward with DIY decorations. Be careful not to commit yourself to projects that require considerable experience, or demand more time than you are ready to spend. Instead, talk to your decorator about finding and including pieces that feel DIY-inspired, while not requiring crafting effort from you.

The Right Look For Your Wedding Is The One That Feels Right To You

When it comes to a rustic wedding theme, or any other wedding theme, consistency is important. A clear approach to your wedding look can be more attractive, and give guests a better idea of what to expect from your event. With that said, you should feel in control of your celebration. If you want to move away from the rustic approach for certain decorations, or wear a more formal dress, you can certainly do so! Ultimately, you should feel that your wedding is a reflection of your style, not just an interpretation of a particular theme.

Host A Beautiful Rustic Wedding At Texas Old Town!

At Texas Old Town, couples can find ideal spaces for a beautiful rustic wedding experience! At our premiere Austin wedding venue, we offer a combination of beautiful settings and great amenities that help people plan truly wonderful celebrations. In addition to weddings, we also work with people interested in hosting corporate events, or other special events. To arrange a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.