How Do I Tell Guests That We Want A Child-Free Wedding?

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Making decisions about who goes on your guest list, and who goes without an invitation to your wedding, can be uncomfortable. Couples who want to keep their wedding small, or those who just want their event to feel as formal as possible, will sometimes decide to make their wedding a child-free affair. There are real benefits to this decision. One advantage is that it can free up more invitations for more people. You can also find that everyone is more comfortable at the reception when there are only adults at your event. With that said, you will find yourself in the uncomfortable position of asking families to secure babysitting services so that the kids stay behind. Bringing this up may be awkward, but it is important to be as clear as possible so no one shows up with kids in tow at your event!

Benefits To Asking Guests To Keep Their Kids At Home

If you want to make your wedding as formal as possible, you can have an easier time setting the tone for your evening if you limit your invitations to adult guests only. Asking parents to leave children at home also affords you more invitations, and more space for guests. If you want to host a small wedding, or if you are struggling to welcome everyone you want at your event, that extra room on your invite list can be welcome. Couples who host adult-only weddings also have less to worry about when it comes to planning their reception meals, as picky young eaters do not need to be accommodated.

Make Your Invitations As Clear As Possible

When you host a child-free wedding, you need to leave no room for doubt that only parents are being invited to your event. When you send out your invitations, be specific about who you are truly asking to be there on your special day. Avoid using “family” or just the last name of a couple being welcomed. Listing the first and last names of each person receiving an invitation, even if they share a last name, can make your intentions clear. You can also give space in your invitations to mention that your evening will be for adults only.

Be Prepared For Follow-Up Questions From Guests With Kids

No matter how clear you feel you are in your invitations, some guests will feel compelled to follow up with questions about your child-free event, and may try to talk you into an exception for their children. If you are tempted to make exceptions, remember that other guests with children can be understandably upset that their children were not welcomed, and that one person’s children at your event will likely feel bored and impatient with the evening. Sticking to your rule may be uncomfortable, but it is better to apply it consistently to avoid confusion and hurt feelings.

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