Including A Ring Bearer And Flower Girl In Your Wedding

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As you work out the details of your wedding ceremony, you can decide if you want to include a ring bearer and flower girl in your procession. Couples who want to keep their ceremony short, and those who choose to have an adults-only wedding, may leave these roles out entirely. With that said, many other couples will find that these positions open up great opportunities to include more family in their celebration, and create an adorable moment that guests can appreciate. As fun as they can be in your celebration, you should make sure they have time to process what is expected of them before your special day. For younger participants in particular, having support from parents can be important.

Make Sure Your Ring Bearer And Flower Girl Are At Your Rehearsal

Your wedding rehearsal is important for everyone in your wedding party, as it gives them a chance to learn what they are doing during your wedding ceremony. As simple as your procession might be, taking the time to ensure everyone is on the same page can be important, and it can reduce the stress of everyone involved. With that said, the rehearsal can be especially important for the ring bearer and flower girl. After all, they can require more hands-on guidance, and may have a harder time understanding what is going on! Because they play a role in the wedding, the ring bearer and flower girl (along with their parents) should be welcomed at your rehearsal dinner.

Should You Ask Parents To Help The Ring Bearer And Flower Girl During The Ceremony?

For flower girls and ring bearers who are older, and more attuned to what is happening with your wedding, you can typically let their parents hang out in the crowd and trust the kids to fulfill their roles. If you have younger participants, having parents or guardians nearby can prevent potential trouble on your special day. If both parents have roles in your wedding party already, asking another trusted adult or teen to step in can certainly work for you.

Making Unconventional Choices With Your Ring Bearer And Flower Girl Positions

Would you prefer to have all of your nieces walk down the aisle as flower girls instead of just involving one? Would you prefer to have a pet (with a human companion) serve as your ring bearer? Many couples have played with expectations in their wedding procession, and enjoyed great results! If you want to try something different with your ring bearer and flower girl roles, feel free to move forward with your idea!

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