Intimidated By Your Large Guest List? We Can Help!

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As you work out the details of who you want in attendance at your wedding, you may come to a significant realization. In order to welcome all of the people who are close to you and your partner, you may need to plan on throwing a larger wedding celebration! At Texas Old Town, our different venues vary in size, and we can provide an event space for a larger guest list. With that said, we understand that a large wedding can demand more than just a spacious setting! You can face higher costs for certain vendors, and for refreshments. You can also have a more difficult time making sure everyone is served in a timely manner so your wedding reception stays on schedule. If you feel that your celebration might call for more help than you anticipated, you may be interested in the additional support we provide through our All-Inclusive Wedding Package!

Selecting A Venue Space Where Your Guests Can Feel Comfortable

Simply put, entertaining guests at a larger wedding will be difficult if you lack the space to accommodate everyone you invite! Because we provide different venue sizes for couples to select from, we can help you choose a setting that can welcome everyone you hope to see on your special day. We can also help you determine how to best organize your reception seating in order to make everyone comfortable, and to make plenty of space for a dance floor.

Minimizing Delays In Serving Your Guests During Your Reception

Your reception can be decidedly more laid-back than your wedding ceremony, but there are still several customs that you can be eager to engage in during this portion of your evening. With this in mind, you should be aware that you could face delays during your event while serving people, or experience long lines at your bar. These problems inconvenience guests, but they can also rob you of time for important moments like your bouquet toss, or wedding toasts. Consider serving plated meals at your reception, so your guests can simply sit down and wait for food to arrive – long buffet lines can lead to delays. If you want to avoid waits at the bar area, limit your drink list so people have less to deliberate on when they request refreshments.

Need Extra Support On Your Wedding Day? Ask About Our All-Inclusive Wedding Package!

Planning a large wedding can be exciting, but it can also cause you some stress. If you want more support to ensure everything is set before guests arrive, you should know that an All-Inclusive Wedding Package provides day-of assistance with your event! Your package also helps with preparations before your event, making your engagement period easier on you.

Welcome All Of Your Guests To An Impressive Texas Old Town Wedding!

Texas Old Town can be an ideal space for your wedding event if you have a larger guest list! If you want to learn more, you can schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX by calling our office today at 512-396-1800 or completing our online contact form.