Keeping Up With Wedding Planning Around The Holidays

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Being engaged during the holidays can be a wonderful experience. Seasonal gatherings provide you with an opportunity to show off your engagement ring to friends and family members who have not seen it yet, and you can enjoy the excitement over your impending celebration. Of course, if you are still in the process of planning the wedding, the holidays can feel particularly busy as you juggle planning responsibilities with your social obligations. While it may require some smart preparations, you can still make the most of your holiday season as you make time for wedding arrangements. Remember that if you are looking for planning support, our All-Inclusive Wedding Package is available to take the stress away from preparing for your special day!

Vendors May Have Holiday Commitments That Keep Them Busy

One thing to consider is that caterers, decorators, and other important vendors for a wedding can have busy schedules around the holiday season. Be prepared for people to have longer response times, or fewer opportunities to meet and talk to you about your event. It may be frustrating to have periods where you feel you are not able to correspond with your vendors, you can find that giving them the benefit of extra patience can allow them to give you their full attention, and address all of your questions and concerns.

Be Prepared For Questions About Your Wedding Planning Efforts At Holiday Gatherings

Give yourself a little time to decompress and release stress if you are having trouble with some aspect of wedding planning, but be ready to talk about your efforts at gatherings no matter how roughly or smoothly things have recently been. Even people who are not close to your and your partner can be interested in hearing about your event, and what your planning experience has been. While you might prefer to keep your responses as positive as possible, you should not be afraid to mention any moments of frustration or confusion. You can find that married people went through something similar, and can offer advice or perspective that you appreciate.

Take Time To Enjoy Being Engaged!

Ultimately, your engagement period is a brief, often busy, but truly special time where you and your partner prepare to commit to each other for the rest of your lives. You can happily show off your ring, talk about your event and honeymoon, and continue forming relationships with each other’s families during this time. Giving in to the season, at least when you step away from your wedding book, can be an important gift you give yourself!

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