Providing Hair And Makeup Services For Your Bridal Party

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

For many brides, professional hair and makeup services can offer vital support on their wedding day. Even if you are comfortable styling yourself, having an expert on hand to take care of you can help you focus on your ceremony. Any individuals you hire for your own hair and makeup can also take care of your wedding party, and the mothers of the bride and groom. You can offer to cover the expense of this for your bridesmaids, but this is not common. Providing access to a professional can offer some important advantages. If you have a specific look in mind for your bridesmaids, professional styling can ensure that look is executed properly. It can also help you stay on schedule as everyone dresses and styles for the ceremony.

Is Your Bridal Party Obligated To Accept Hair And Makeup Service?

Brides often provide the opportunity to use a professional hair and makeup stylist to their wedding party, but the cost is typically covered by wedding party members. Because of this, you should not assume that your bridesmaids are obligated to use any professional services. They may feel confident they can take care of themselves, or just prefer to avoid paying for styling services. If it is important to you that everyone have their hair and makeup styled, you may want to go ahead and offer to cover the costs. While this can be difficult to cover if you have a larger wedding party, it can be manageable if you have a smaller group standing with you at the altar.

Sharing Information About Professional Services In Advance

Even if it is common for professional hair and makeup stylists to be on hand during a wedding, make sure your bridesmaids know about the services in advance. If you have a hairstyle you want people to wear, you should also give advance notice of this, as some of your wedding party members may need to style their hair ahead of time to make it easier to manage.

Our Dressing Rooms Make Day-Of Preparations Easier!

Having a professional take care of everyone’ hair and makeup can make it easier for your bridal party to prepare before your ceremony starts. To make preparations even easier, we provide accommodating suites for the bridal party and groom’s party to use on the day of your wedding! This is offered as part of our standard amenities package, which can offer key support on such an important date.

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