Scheduling Your Wedding Rehearsal And Rehearsal Dinner

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How important is your wedding rehearsal? During your rehearsal, you have the ability to determine the order of your wedding party members, and give everyone a chance to learn their cues for when they will walk to, and depart, your altar. When you plan your rehearsal, there are several matters you should consider. One is that you should try to make sure everyone is available to attend. Because the rehearsal typically happens the evening before your wedding date, any wedding party members traveling to be at your celebration should be available. You also want to make sure you set up enough time between your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner to make sure everyone is comfortable by the end of your practice runs. If you want to give yourself more time, you can arrange your rehearsal dinner at Texas Old Town, which cuts out any need to travel from one location to the next.

Make Sure Everyone Is Clear About Your Wedding Rehearsal Time

Because you need to arrive at your rehearsal dinner on time, you will have a fixed end point for your actual rehearsing. Because of this, you should be clear with everyone about when the rehearsal will start, and how important their prompt arrival can be. You should try to practice the procession several times, as this is your only occasion to go through the steps. Making sure people are clear on their arrangements, and their cues, can be especially important if anyone is missing, as your wedding party members will have to keep each other in line on the day itself.

How Many Times Should We Practice The Procession?

Why should you practice your wedding ceremony steps several times? The process itself can seem simple. People learn their cues, walk in a line, and find their partners when they exit. What you should keep in mind is that your wedding party members may feel self-conscious with so many guests’ eyes on them, or worried about making a conspicuous mistake. When people run through their steps multiple times, they can have an easier time managing their nerves.

What Should You Do For Your Rehearsal Dinner?

Your rehearsal dinner will include your wedding party members, as well as your family members – in some cases, couples will invite guests who are traveling to be in attendance as well. Typically, the rehearsal dinner is a relaxed affair, which can mean your food options and clothing choices can be more casual. Because you can host people at Texas Old Town, you can make sure you are on hand to greet family members when they first show up, and give yourself as much time as possible to rehearse before the dinner is supposed to begin!

Host Your Rehearsal Dinner At Texas Old Town!

In addition to being the ideal spot to host your wedding, Texas Old Town can also be a great setting for your wedding rehearsal dinner! To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.