Settling Disagreements About Important Wedding Decisions

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The process of planning your wedding can be exciting, but it can also be challenging at several points. As you go through the process of finding the right vendors, settling on the perfect look for your wedding ceremony and reception, and thinking about the attire for yourselves and your wedding party members, you and your partner may have occasional disagreements. If you are receiving support from your families to help arrange your wedding, you may receive input from them that you are less than thrilled with. Planning disputes can be far from fun, but they can be resolved with more ease than you might realize. Taking the time to listen, and looking for smart compromises, can help you keep your planning process peaceful.

Resolving Disagreements Between You And Your Partner

The traditional idea of wedding planning assumed that the bride would take the lead in preparations, while the groom would have a less involved role. For many reasons, these traditional notions are often not relevant to couples preparing for their special day. Having a partner who shares responsibilities and interest in your wedding can make your experience easier, but you may find that you differ in opinion on certain matters. No matter how major or minor the disagreement might be, each of you should give the other person space to express their wishes, and take them seriously. Prioritizing clarity over “winning” can lead to faster resolutions, and also make compromises easier to seek.

Handling Wedding Suggestions And Requests From Family Members

If your parents are helping you cover the cost of the wedding, they may have some requests about the event itself. Parents often have close friends or relatives they want in attendance, and you should leave some room on your wedding guest list to accommodate this. With that said, if you and your parents have different tastes, or different ideas of what your wedding “should” be, take the time to discuss their relative involvement before agreeing to support. Having clarity on their role can help you avoid surprise requests, and it can give you an important opportunity to set out what you want for your event before you have accepted support.

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