Should We Ask People To Serve As Ushers For Our Wedding?

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While they have a less visible role than the members of your wedding party, and typically have fewer responsibilities, the ushers at your wedding can play an important role on your special day. As the name suggests, ushers will “usher” your guests to their seats when they arrive. When couples create different sides of the aisle for the bride’s attendees and the groom’s attendees, this can be particularly important. Even if you are more relaxed with where your guests are located, having someone to escort your guests can still be appreciated. While some couples will drop ushers from their event, you may find that they can offer welcome support in advance of your ceremony.

What Can An Usher’s Role Involve?

The most recognizable task for an usher will be to escort guests to their seats before the ceremony begins. With that said, they can also be asked to take on additional responsibilities that can make your day easier. They can be designated helpers for guests who arrive with questions about where they can leave gifts, or sign a guest book. They can also escort a grandparent at the start of the ceremony if they are at the wedding alone. Many couples will also ask that ushers arrive early and help if they need any additional support in setting up the ceremony and reception spaces.

What Can We Do If We Choose Not To Include Ushers?

If you have a small guest list, you may find it easier to forgo the task of selecting an usher, or ushers, for your wedding. People can find that moving away from this tradition helps to foster a more intimate and casual atmosphere. However, if you have a larger wedding, and a bigger turnout to coordinate, the start of your ceremony may be delayed without ushers on hand to guide people, and keep everyone on track.

Should Ushers Follow A Dress Code Like Our Wedding Party Members?

Your ushers occupy a curious space in your wedding. While they are not technically members of the wedding party, their role in your celebration is a real one, and potentially important depending on the size of your event. Because ushers are typically not included in pre-wedding events like the bachelor party or engagement party, they are also not expected to absorb costs that can come with dressing for the wedding. However, you can let them know if you have a standard of dress that you would like them to meet for your event.

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