Should You Ask Your Guests To Follow A Dress Code?

Professional Photo By: Rob August Photography

Deciding on the look of your wedding ceremony and reception – and bringing that look to life – can take up a considerable amount of time and effort during your engagement period. With that said, the ability to create a space that feels right for you can ensure that your special day truly offers the experience you wanted. Of course, the decorations and your venue spaces are not the only factors that affect the overall look of your wedding. Guests’ attire can affect how formal or relaxed a wedding appears to be. With that in mind, is it appropriate to dictate a dress code to the people you invite? This is certainly something you are allowed to do, but it is not a step every couple takes. If you do want to ask guests to style themselves a certain way, it is important to be as clear as possible about your preference.

Your Guests Will Want To Feel Like They Fit In At Your Wedding

If you are anxious about asking people to dress a certain way at your wedding, remember that people generally prefer to feel that they are appropriately attired for an event. Giving people advance notice on what to wear can be a relief for many individuals who might otherwise be unsure of what counts as “nice enough,” or possibly even “too nice.” For many guests, your dress code can be welcome information, and it can answer a question about what to wear that they might have asked you about directly.

Mentioning A Dress Code On Your Wedding Invitations

You can mention a preferred dress code on your wedding invitations, but you should limit what you include. Typically, this approach will see couples list a style of dress – for instance, asking people to wear cocktail attire, or black tie – without laying out specific details. If you want to offer more detailed information, consider adding that information to your wedding website.

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Invite Your Guests To A Terrific Texas Old Town Wedding Event

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