Things To Consider When Selecting Floral Arrangements

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While wedding decorations can take many different forms, floral arrangements are closely identified with these special events. Flowers will almost certainly appear in more than just your bouquets and boutonnieres – centerpieces and other important decorations tend to have them as well. With your floral arrangements, you can incorporate your wedding colors into your event while also adding something organic and lovely into your celebration. They also provide remarkable versatility, as arrangements can be included in both formal wedding events and laid-back, DIY-inspired wedding events. When it comes to selecting the right floral arrangements, and working them into your overall decorations, the right florist can provide crucial support. Your choices can also be affected by the time of year when you host your wedding, as different flowers will be available depending on the season.

The Date Of Your Wedding Can Affect Your Options For Flowers

When you start thinking about the right date for your wedding, many different factors can affect your decision. The availability of different dates will obviously matter, as will the way a certain date affects the length of your engagement period. With that said, if you have a favorite flower that you want to include in your decorations, make sure it is in season during your proposed wedding date. The time of year when you host your event will affect what you can do with your floral arrangements. While you do have the option of looking into synthetic flowers, many couples prefer to avoid this choice, as floral arrangements that guests are close to can look less attractive when they feature fake flowers.

Should You Consider Using Fake Flowers?

Typically, couples prefer the fragrance and natural look of real flowers to fake flowers. With that said, there are a few occasions when you might find that synthetic options are advantageous. If you have floral arrangements that guests will NOT be close to (for instance, any arrangements around or on the altar), you can find that fake flowers successfully imitate their authentic counterparts. You can also have an easier time working with fake flowers if you want to craft DIY wedding decorations, as you will be able to purchase them in advance and not worry about them wilting.

Creating Your Bouquets And Boutonnieres

The bouquets and boutonnieres you use in your wedding will receive plenty of attention from your guests. For both, be careful about selecting larger arrangements. Heavy boutonnieres may not stay in place, and large bouquets can be awkward for people to carry. With that said, you should make the bridal bouquet more elaborate than the ones carried by your bridesmaids, as it should stand apart. While other floral arrangements can show some variety, you should look to showcase your wedding colors prominently with boutonnieres and bouquets.

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