Who Should We Ask To Officiate Our Wedding Ceremony?

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The right officiant can do more than just speak during your wedding ceremony. This person can set the tone of your event, articulate why you and your partner are right for each other, and give your vows the significance they deserve. While this role is often filled by a person of faith, many modern weddings will see couples ask a friend or family member to stand before them at the altar. Should you consider having someone you are personally connected with officiate your wedding, or should you make a more traditional choice? Someone with a personal connection can be ideal for a less traditional ceremony, and they can exhibit a closer connection with you and your partner. With that said, more traditional wedding attendees may be surprised by your choice to use a friend or family member instead of a professional.

Your Officiant Provides Crucial Support For Your Ceremony

The officiant you choose will have an important job to complete, whether or not they are a professional. The officiant leads your ceremony, and helps to keep the event on track. They are also responsible for maintaining the right atmosphere for you and your partner to exchange vows. As you consider who you might want to fulfill this role, think about who you can trust to respect the importance of the occasion, and also respect that your wedding vision is what they need to preserve. Of course, you also want to select someone comfortable speaking in public!

Should You Ask A Friend Or Family Member To Serve As Your Officiant?

Rather than hiring someone associated with a church to oversee their ceremony, many couples now use the officiant role as a way to honor a close friend or family member. For a traditional wedding event, this may feel inappropriate, but it can be ideal in a more laid-back celebration. Ultimately, a friend or family member’s inclusion should face similar scrutiny that you would apply to a professional. Can they be counted on to match the tone of your event? Will they be comfortable in the role? Can they effectively convey what makes your relationship meaningful? If they fit these qualifications, you should feel comfortable welcoming someone you are close to to officiate your wedding!

Working With Your Officiant During Your Wedding Rehearsal

No matter who you choose to serve in the role, you should have your officiant present for your wedding rehearsal. One of their unofficial duties can involve keeping the wedding party on track, and to remind people what their order is if they become confused. The rehearsal also gives them time to work out their role, and feel comfortable at the altar.

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