3 Reasons You Should Look Forward To The Cake Cutting

Professional Photo By: Alaa Marzouk Photography

Throughout your wedding reception, you will have several opportunities to take part in beloved wedding traditions. You can cherish moments like your first dance, your bouquet toss, and the wedding toasts given by your family members and wedding party members. The cake cutting tradition can be less involved than these other moments, but it can be something you and your partner truly love taking part in. This experience is about more than just the start of dessert, though that is certainly something to look forward to. This moment can offer up some truly memorable pictures, and also give you an opportunity to make sure everyone sees your wedding cake.

1. It Can Create A Fun, Picture-Worthy Moment

While there will be plenty of moments your wedding photographer will want to capture, the cake-cutting can yield some especially fun and lovely shots. Having expertly taken shots of you and your partner performing the cutting, and feeding each other bites of cake, can be worth showcasing in your shared home. This is also a moment when many guests like to take pictures.

2. You Have An Opportunity To Show Off Your Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is technically not a part of your wedding decorations. Of course, the tiered cake is such a memorable sight, and so closely associated with weddings, that it can be hard to overlook its value in creating the right atmosphere for your reception. While guests can see the cake on display the entire night, you can be glad to give it a moment in the spotlight. This is particularly true if you have a larger, more elaborately decorated dessert.

3. Who Doesn’t Look Forward To Having Cake?

Simply put, the cake-cutting is exciting because it leads to cake, and who isn’t excited to enjoy a nice dessert after dinner? Little moments like this – experiences that almost every wedding shares – are worth celebrating, and enjoying. After all, this is your chance to formally celebrate your love with your partner. Sitting down to enjoy your slice of cake, and taking a moment to watch guests settle in with their slices, can be a welcome part of anyone’s wedding experience.

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