3 Things To Think About As You Plan Your Seating Chart

Professional Photo By: Holly Marie Photography

Why do couples sometimes dread organizing their seating chart for their wedding reception? If you are planning a wedding with a larger guest count, the task can be difficult just because of the volume of people you need to organize. It can also be difficult to arrange everyone in a way that fits your reception space, and also keeps people happy. The seating chart does not have to intimidate you. In fact, you can think of it as an early opportunity to imagine how people might experience your wedding event! With a little time and effort, you can set up an arrangement that keeps everyone happy, and ensures everyone enjoys a terrific time on your special day.

1. Find A Fun Way To Let Everyone Know Where They Are Seated

The layout of the seating chart is important, but it is also obviously important to make sure people know where they have been seated. Many couples turn the chart into another piece of their overall decorations, putting care towards making the chart look nice in their space. While this can make it easier to include in your reception area, be careful about how it is presented. You want to make sure the chart is easy to find, and easy for guests to quickly read as they arrive for your reception.

2. Try Not To Isolate Guests Without Dates

What should you do about those guests who have no plus-ones in attendance? Some happy couples feel like playing matchmaker by pairing off people they believe might have chemistry. While this can be a good time to introduce people, all you should really worry about is not stranding people without dates. Keeping tables of single people together can help with this, but if you have guests who do not have dates but know many people who do, feel free to group those single people with those they know.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Seat People With Strangers!

You should NOT feel like everyone has to know everyone else at their table. In fact, you might have fun grouping people from different parts of your lives together. The wedding reception is a festive experience. With good food, good music, and refreshments to lift their spirits, your guests can quickly make new friends at their tables.

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