3 Tips To Help You Host A Great Wedding Cocktail Hour

Professional Photo By: Ashley Peterson Photography

While you will want to be as present as possible with the guests who attend your wedding, you will need at least a little time away in order to take photos with your partner, and your family. Even if you arrange to have first look photos taken, you should be prepared to leave your guests for a time before the reception begins. In order to make the most of this time, many couples arrange for there to be an unofficial cocktail hour event just after the ceremony. With some smart planning, you can make sure this event is fun for all involved, and feel comfortable leaving everyone to have your photos taken!

1. Keep The Food Options Small And Simple

The cocktail hour should provide some food, particularly if your wedding is taking place later in the evening. With that said, keeping these refreshments on the light side can ensure people are still ready to enjoy the meals provided during your reception. Offering up appetizers that are easy to eat with a person’s hands can also be important, as it can be easier for everyone to enjoy what you provide.

2. Provide Music For Your Guests

The music source during your cocktail hour does not have to be the same as what you provide during the wedding reception. In other words, your DJ or live band for your wedding can take their time preparing before the reception begins and people mingle. While using a streaming service on someone’s phone for music can impose some less than ideal limits on music for most of your evening, this approach can work well during the cocktail hour. After all, the music is for the background at this point – you will not have to worry about dancing just yet.

3. Offer Up A Special Cocktail For People While They Wait

If you want to create something fun and different for the cocktail hour, consider providing a special cocktail during this part of the evening. By doing so, you can make this portion of the evening feel distinct, and provide your guests with something fun! Be careful about creating something too elaborate – after all, these drinks should be ready to go with minimal waiting.

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