Creating A Formal Wedding Experience Your Guests Love

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

Many couples are choosing to keep their wedding events relatively casual. You may have attended more than one wedding that featured a rustic spirit, DIY decorations, and a generally relaxed atmosphere. For the right people, this can be an ideal way to celebrate, but you should not feel like a formal wedding experience has gone out of fashion! You can find that a formal outdoor wedding can feel like a truly magical experience. In fact, a formal outdoor event can be a wonderful experience for a fall or winter wedding, as the surrounding colors and cooler temperatures can help foster a formal environment. You can take additional steps to establish a formal atmosphere as you determine what food to serve, what wedding colors to feature, and by selecting preferred attire for your wedding.

The Right Decorations And Colors Can Set The Tone Of Your Wedding

Creating a certain tone for your wedding can be easier to accomplish than you might expect. Express your desire for a formal event when you work with decorators, and try to select wedding colors that feel simpler and more subdued. To help guests anticipate what they should expect from your event, you can “preview” the style and look of your wedding with your invitations. Pick colors for the invitations you intend to use for decorations, and try to match the formality of your wedding with the style of card. For a formal wedding event, avoid sending invitations electronically, as this can feel casual to people.

Should You Inform Guests That You Intend To Make Your Wedding A Formal Event?

As you discuss your wedding with close friends and family, you should certainly feel comfortable telling them that you want to enjoy a more formal wedding experience. Giving people an idea of the tone you want for your event can be appreciated, as people will feel more confident selecting what to wear for your event if they have a better idea of what the experience is going to be like. When you send out invitations, consider listing your preference for clothing options (e.g. “black tie,” “cocktail attire preferred”) but keep the information simple. If you want to share more details, save them for your wedding website.

A Formal Wedding Can Be Surprisingly Lively

Your formal wedding event can also be a fun and lively gathering! While you can stick with more stylish decorations and finer clothing options, you can still provide a stocked bar, great food, and entertainment from a DJ or live band to keep your dance floor active. Your event’s tone is yours to set, so feel free to inject as much excitement into your gathering as you see fit.

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