Fitting Wedding Toasts Into Your Reception Plans

Professional Photo By: Tiffany Hofeldt Photography

The toasts shared during your wedding afford the people closest to you and your partner the opportunity to share meaningful words about your relationship. While the speeches given can range from humorous to purely sentimental, they can be a particularly touching moment in a day already rich with feeling. As lovely as this tradition can be, it can demand some smart planning on your part if you want to make sure you have time for people to share their words during your wedding reception. In addition to making sure you have the time during your event to let your speakers share their toasts, you will want to make sure you have enough glasses of champagne (or your preferred beverage) to pass around at the right moment.

Make Sure You Have Glasses For Your Guests To Raise!

While you think about what beverages you might need for your wedding, take stock of your champagne needs in a separate count. By doing this, you can avoid confusion, and ensure that everyone receives a glass in time to raise their toast. If you plan to offer champagne as part of your bar service, create a separate category for bottles meant for the toast, and make sure their purpose is clear to your bartenders. With everything in order, you can create a lovely display for your glasses that helps announce that the toast is about to begin!

Finding Time For The Toasts

While a wedding reception can feel like a relatively free time to eat, drink, and celebrate love, an event planner can provide important support in order to keep your activities on track. After all, you will have to worry about efficiently serving everyone, sharing your first dance, and enacting traditions like the bouquet toss and garter toss in the course of your evening. Our Preferred Vendors List includes planners who can help you make sure that your reception is well-planned, and that it stays on track!

What Should You Do If You Have Trouble Staying On Schedule During Your Reception?

If you run into delays with food service, or have a late start to your reception, you may feel some pressure to condense the rest of your planned evening to make sure your event ends at the proper time. In the event that this happens, you can talk with your planner about what options might be available to you. For couples who do not hire an official planner, coordinate with the DJ (or a person in your wedding party who can help with organizational matters) to move or shorten moments as appropriate. If you decide that you should shorten the toast time, make sure the toasters are aware of this as soon as possible, so they can amend their planned statements.

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