Just Engaged? You Can Take Engagement Photos With Us!

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

If your Christmas Day included a wedding proposal, you can be eager to share the joyous news with the people in your life. While your close friends and family members will hear directly from you, many people make a public announcement by sharing their engagement photos. Our Texas Hill Country landscape can be a great backdrop for your engagement pictures! We welcome couples who are looking for a great spot to take these photographs, and we offer up space for proposal pictures and bridal portraits as well. We are committed to helping couples have amazing wedding celebrations, and we are happy to start offering you support by welcoming you for your engagement photos.

Enjoy A Beautiful Backdrop For Important Wedding-Related Portraits

The right setting can be vital to successful pictures. If you want to capture your love in a truly stunning location, you can make an appointment to visit our venues and find your perfect spot. Our landscapes have helped add beauty and magic to countless outdoor wedding ceremonies over the years. If you are interested in an outdoor wedding, a natural landscape for your engagement pictures can be a perfect way to “preview” the look of your event.

Use Your Visit To Explore Our Venue Spaces!

Are you dreaming of a large wedding, or would you like to host something small and intimate? We offer multiple venue spaces for couples in order to provide the right amount of space for their desired event. If you plan to come up and take photos with us, we can certainly use your visit to help you learn more about our location, and the amenities that we provide our guests.

Looking For The Right Photographer? Check Out Our Preferred Vendors List!

The right engagement photos require more than just a terrific location and a loving couple. Before you can take your pictures, you will want to find the right photographer. In order to help couples find the right experts, we do maintain a Preferred Vendors list, which includes wedding photographers. This can help you connect with talented people in the area who can expertly capture your relationship on film.

Texas Old Town Can Provide A Perfect Setting For Your Engagement Photos

Texas Old Town welcomes couples who want to host their special day with us, but we are also happy to open up to couples who want to shoot their engagement photos! After setting your reservation, you can come up with your partner and your photographer to find the perfect spot in our Texas Hill Country landscape to capture terrific images. Our premiere Austin wedding venue is located conveniently close to San Marcos and San Antonio, making it easily accessible for many people. To find out more about taking engagement photos, or to schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.