Use Our Texas Hill Country Landscape For Pre-Wedding Pics!

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

Your wedding day will be full of beautiful moments that your wedding photographer can capture and preserve for you. Of course, not every moment worth photographing happens on the wedding day itself! Engagement and proposal portraits, along with bridal portraits, can be wonderful keepsakes that you and your partner will hold onto for the rest of your lives together. We welcome couples who want to use our Texas Hill Country landscapes as a backdrop for these pre-wedding pictures. In addition to having access to great backgrounds, you can be glad to have pictures that match the atmosphere and theme of your wedding day.

Creating Beautiful Pre-Wedding Photos

With a professional photographer to capture your pre-wedding photos, you can enjoy beautiful, meaningful shots of you and your partner together. For bridal portraits, you and your photographer can work together to build a stunning portfolio of you in your wedding dress. At our Texas Hill Country location, we have lovely settings for these pictures that you can be excited to use. Upon making your reservation to use our location, we can welcome you to find just the right spot, and capture images that you will cherish.

Your Engagement And Proposal Pictures Can Serve As Great Images For Your Invitations And Wedding Website

In addition to creating images that you will want to cherish, your engagement and proposal portraits can serve as great images for your wedding invitations, and for your wedding website. If you want to share these images in this way, your choice of what to wear, and the tone of at least some of your pictures, should match what you want for your wedding experience. While you can still wear decidedly less formal clothes in these shots than what you intend to wear for your wedding, you may want to go with a more stylish and elegant look for your pictures if you want to host a stylish, formal wedding. If you want to do something laid-back and intimate for your ceremony and reception, relaxed and fun pictures can work well for you.

We Have Great Spots For First Look Photos And Family Pictures, Too!

Our venue provides great spaces for pre-wedding photos, but you can also count on our scenery to work wonderfully for photos during your wedding! Couples who want to do first look photos can find that plenty of lush, open, or tree-framed spots for their session. We also have plenty of open and lovely spaces for your pictures with your wedding party, and with your family members.

Talk To Texas Old Town About Scheduling Pre-Wedding Photos!

Texas Old Town is happy to host couples interested in taking pre-wedding pictures on our site! You can reserve access with us in order to set up proposal portraits, engagement photos, or bridal portraits before your big day. To arrange a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.