Use These Tips To Keep Your Reception Dance Floor Lively!

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

While your wedding reception can start on a relatively calm note, a successful event can become a lively, fun-filled affair. One thing you can do to keep your guests in good spirits through the night is encourage people to enjoy themselves by dancing. When your guests keep the dance floor full, and clearly have a terrific time, it can help everyone feel a little more festive throughout your reception. Because Texas Old Town offers multiple venues to accommodate turnouts of different size, you can make sure that you have the space available for a dance floor that comfortably fits the guests you expect. With the right music, and the right encouragement, you can keep your reception lively, and filled with dancing.

Have A DJ Or Live Band At Your Wedding

Creating the right atmosphere for a festive reception means setting out the right decorations, providing the right food and refreshments, and – of course – providing the right music. Investing in having a DJ or live band at your event can go a long way towards making your night a truly successful one. People with experience playing music at weddings and other social functions can be counted on to vary up their song choices, keep the energy up, and encourage people to go out to the dance floor and have fun. They can also be beneficial because they can make announcements on your behalf before certain customs, like the cake cutting, are to take place.

Make Sure The Start Of Dancing Is Clearly Announced

Up until a certain point, the dance floor will be off limits during the reception. That length of time will depend on when you and your partner want to host your first dance, and dance with your parents. What you should make sure you do is clearly announce when the floor is open, and encourage as many people as possible to join you. When the dance floor starts out with plenty of activity, it can be easier to sustain the festive atmosphere.

Determine The Right Size For Your Dance Floor

If you have a larger guest list, making room for a large number of people will obviously be important for your dance floor. When you have a smaller turnout, you should be wary about opening up too much space for dancing, as large stretches of unoccupied floor can make the dancing look less lively, and that can be less encouraging for guests.

Texas Old Town Can Give You A Great Space For Your Wedding Ceremony And Reception

Texas Old Town is ready to welcome you and your partner to a great wedding day experience! We are a popular destination thanks to our stunning outdoor settings, and our generous amenities. What you can also find is that our indoor reception spaces can host a truly terrific wedding reception experience! To arrange a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, please call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.