Use Your Wedding Website To Communicate With Your Guests

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While wedding websites have become popular, you may be unsure of what, exactly, you should do with yours. What kind of information should you include? How much detail should you provide about the event itself, or about your relationship? Should you be careful about how much you share your site link? The website you and your partner set up for your celebration can actually make life easier for you, as it gives you a way to share important information without directly answering questions. You can include details on how you met, event details, and even provide links for your wedding registry! The website can reduce the time you spend answering questions from friends and family members, which means you can devote more energy into planning your special day.

Your Wedding Website Can Share Information Best Left Out Of Your Invitations

Your wedding invitations should include the vital information about when and where your wedding will occur, but you should be careful to limit additional details. If you send save the date cards to prospective guests, you will likely have even less information to share than what you include on your invites. With this in mind, you can see how your wedding website serves to keep people informed. You can be conservative with the information shared on your invitations, as you want to make the event details as clear and easy to see as possible. When you have a website for added information, you can feel more comfortable knowing that guests will still have away to have their questions answered.

What Should You Include On Your Website?

Your wedding website can be used to fill in additional details about your event, share the story of how you and your partner came together, and provide details on your gift registry. Typically, details about a registry are not included in invitations because it can appear in poor taste. However, you can share information and helpful links on the website without feeling self-conscious. You can also use your site to expand on information briefly addressed in your invitations. For example, while you might say something like “cocktail attire preferred” or “casual dress encouraged” on your invites, you can use your site to give guests more details about the wedding attire you prefer.

Be Prepared: Guests Will Still Ask Questions Addressed On Your Website

Your website can effectively answer many questions that guests may have about your wedding. This can give you more time to focus on finding the right wedding vendors, and creating the right look for your special day. However, you should expect that at least some friends and family members – particularly those who are less comfortable with the internet – may still reach out with questions. To help with this, make sure you keep your close family members and wedding party members informed about your plans, so they can provide answers before people try to contact you.

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