Month: January 2020

What Should We Do With Our Wedding Guest Book?

Between the efforts of your wedding photographer and many of your guests, you will have plenty of images to commemorate your wedding celebration. With that said, you should still consider putting out a wedding guest book for everyone to sign. The wedding guest book creates a record of your event that you can hold onto… Read more »

Creating A Rustic Atmosphere For Your Wedding Reception

Rustic weddings can feel intimate and charming, and in the right surroundings they can feel like an escape. With our Texas Hill Country surroundings, you can find it easy to plan the look of your rustic wedding ceremony. What you should know is that with the right touches, your wedding reception at Texas Old Town… Read more »

Make Sure You Ask The Right Questions During A Venue Tour

Going out to visit different venues can help you envision your wedding day. While you explore a space, you can start to imagine how it might look featuring your preferred wedding colors, and with your decorations. These appointments also give you the opportunity to ask important questions when it comes to amenities, space, and general… Read more »

Informing Guests That Your Wedding Is A Child-Free Event

In the process of planning your ideal wedding event, or as a means of controlling the size of your guest list, you may decide that your celebration should be an adults-only affair. This choice has several advantages. People can feel a little more relaxed, and a little more comfortable making the most of their time… Read more »

When Should We Send Out Our Wedding Invitations?

Obviously, your wedding invitations are not going anywhere until you have your guest list and event details finalized. With that said, it can be hard to know the point in your engagement period when they should be sent out to the people you want with you on your special day. It is important to give… Read more »

Making Plans For The End Of Your Wedding Reception

All good things must come to an end, but with the right planning you can ensure that your wedding night ends on a high note! The departure of the bride and groom is a memorable part of a wedding reception, but it is just one moment you should plan for the close of your evening…. Read more »

3 Ways To Make Your Wedding Dessert Table More Fun!

Your wedding ceremony can be a beautiful and truly moving experience for you, your partner, and everyone in attendance. While the ceremony tends to be more formal and reserved, the wedding reception gives you and your guests the chance to relax a little and truly celebrate your union with your new spouse. With that in… Read more »

Make Sure You Check Out Our Bridal Garage Sale January 26!

On Sunday, January 26, Texas Old Town is opening up for a special event. Our Bridal Garage Sale event is a chance for people to sell their decorative items, as well as a chance for couples to discover great deals on pieces they can use for their upcoming wedding. It is common for couples to… Read more »

Selecting Casual Attire For The Groom And Groomsmen

Tuxedos and suits may be popular men’s attire for a wedding, but these formal choices may be an uncomfortable fit for your celebration. If you plan to celebrate a more casual wedding, or if you want to take advantage of our outdoor settings to create a rustic wedding atmosphere, relaxed menswear choices can work well… Read more »

Choosing The Right Decorations For Your Outdoor Wedding

Many couples are excited to enjoy the natural beauty of an outdoor environment for their exchange of vows. Our different venue spaces offer gorgeous views of Texas Hill Country that can make your wedding ceremony feel magical, and suit both formal and informal wedding events. Of course, if you want to personalize your setting, you… Read more »