3 Ways To Make Your Wedding Dessert Table More Fun!

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

Your wedding ceremony can be a beautiful and truly moving experience for you, your partner, and everyone in attendance. While the ceremony tends to be more formal and reserved, the wedding reception gives you and your guests the chance to relax a little and truly celebrate your union with your new spouse. With that in mind, it is hard to overstate the benefit to having a truly impressive dessert table if you want to send your guests home happy! A tiered wedding cake is one of the most familiar wedding images, but it does not have to take up the entire spotlight at your dessert table. Additional treats can offer up welcome variety after dinner, and also give people who don’t love cake something they can enjoy.

1. Feature A Groom’s Cake In Addition To Your Traditional Wedding Cake

A groom’s cake offers more than just a second cake flavor for everyone to try. This dessert can be custom-made to showcase something that is important to your groom, or offer up a glimpse of his personality. A creative and playful groom’s cake can elicit positive responses from your guests, and add something original to complement a classic tiered cake.

2. Offer Up Fun Treats For Guests To Grab

The cake cutting experience can make for a great photo opportunity, and it is a popular way to announce that the formal dessert time has begun. With that said, you may have guests who are ready for something sweet before the cake cutting begins. Smaller dessert options like brownies, doughnuts, candies, and pastries can be a hit with kids at your wedding, as well as adults who enjoy a little indulgence. Creatively arranged dessert options can also add a fun visual element to the table.

3. Provide Beverages For People To Enjoy With Their Desserts

Coffee and dessert are a popular pairing, so adding the beverage to your dessert table can be popular with your guests. You can also provide a liquid dessert in the form of cocoa, which can be especially appealing if you host a winter wedding. Serving coffee can do more than just give your guests a complement to their cake – a stimulating beverage at the end of the night can help people feel alert while driving home.

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