Arranging Your Wedding Day Hair And Makeup Services

Professional Photo By: Wes Atkinson Photography

Even if you are comfortable handling your own hair and makeup needs on most occasions, you can feel more comfortable knowing that experts are on hand to help you on your wedding day. This professional support can be more than just a guarantee you will be able to sport the look you most want to feature for your walk down the aisle. Handing styling responsibilities to a professional can take one stressful part of your day away, and help you focus on other matters. As part of our standard amenities, Texas Old Town does provide both wedding party groups with spacious dressing areas, so you will have the space you need to prepare on the day itself.

Trial Sessions Help Brides The Right Look For Their Wedding Day

Before your actual wedding day, you can meet with a hair and makeup stylist (or separate stylists, if you prefer) in order to plan your ideal look for your celebration. Trial sessions have several benefits for a bride-to-be. You can determine how you want your hair and makeup styled on the day itself, and give your stylist the opportunity to work out how to make that look happen. This initial practice can ensure that services are performed more efficiently on your wedding day, as there will be no confusion over what you want or how to make your look a reality. In order to best gauge how your hair and makeup might compliment your wedding dress, consider wearing jewelry you intend to wear with your gown, and wear something white.

We Can Offer Up Space To Use For Dressing And Styling On Your Wedding Day

When you have plenty of space to work with while dressing, you can find wedding day preparations more comfortable. With this in mind, we have provided couples with generous dressing suites! With these spacious settings, and the sixteen hours of access provided to you on your wedding day, you can more easily go through the process of dressing and overseeing the setup of your ceremony and reception spaces!

Should You Provide Hair And Makeup Services To Your Bridal Party?

While it is common for brides to recommend hair and makeup services to the bridal party (and to family members), you are not typically expected to pay for these services yourself. With that in mind, you should be aware that when you put this cost on bridesmaids, you should give them the freedom to turn down the offer.

You Can Look And Feel Amazing At Your Texas Old Town Wedding!

As you walk down the aisle at your wedding ceremony, you can marvel at the natural beauty of your Texas Hill Country celebration at Texas Old Town! If you wish to schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, please call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.