Choosing The Right Decorations For Your Outdoor Wedding

Professional Photo By: A. Gamble Photo

Many couples are excited to enjoy the natural beauty of an outdoor environment for their exchange of vows. Our different venue spaces offer gorgeous views of Texas Hill Country that can make your wedding ceremony feel magical, and suit both formal and informal wedding events. Of course, if you want to personalize your setting, you should plan on providing some decorative additions. While you may only require a few modest touches, the right pieces can help you make your wedding space feel perfect for you. In addition to providing great spaces for celebrations, Texas Old Town can help you find ideal pieces for your wedding during our Bridal Garage Sale on January 26!

Finding Ways To Complement Your Natural Setting

With the Texas Hill Country landscape surrounding your ceremony space, you can feel largely satisfied with the way your location looks. With that said, smart decorative touches can help your event feel unique, and it can help you add a little touch of your personal style to the natural area. When you look for decorations, think about how to complement the area’s color and natural features. You may only need a few modest pieces to dress up your altar and aisle, but those pieces can help you set the theme for your event, and also show your wedding colors.

Be Mindful Of The Season When Thinking About Decorations

Just as the time of year can affect the way people dress for your event, it can affect the look of your natural setting. If you host a fall or winter wedding, your ceremony space can be affected by changes in the foliage, as well as the shorter daytime hours. Think about how certain colors and decorative items might fit in under these circumstances. For example, you can find it easier for decorations to stand out during these cooler months, so subtler decorations can have more impact.

Look For Lovely Discounted Decorations At Our Bridal Garage Sale!

At the Texas Old Town Bridal Garage Sale, you have the opportunity to browse an assortment of decorative pieces that brides have used during recent wedding events. You can find lovely pieces that fit in with your current decorating plans, or find standout pieces that you just can’t resist. We recommend that shoppers bring cash with them, as you may find a piece you love with a bride who has no way to accept a card payment.

Create A Beautiful Wedding Experience At Texas Old Town!

At Texas Old Town, we are excited to give couples access to beautiful Texas Hill Country surroundings for their wedding day! Our premiere Austin wedding venue can be perfect for your ceremony and reception, and we are happy to host corporate events and other special events. If you wish to arrange a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, please call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.