Do I Need Real Flowers For My Floral Arrangements?

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For budget-conscious couples, opportunities to save while planning a wedding can be hard to pass up. If you and your partner are looking for ways to save money while preparing for your special day, you may be interested in choosing artificial flowers over authentic floral arrangements. In addition to providing potential cost savings, there may be certain practical advantages to those choice that appeal to you. With that said, it can be hard to deny the impact real flowers can have when it comes to making your wedding space feel magical. If you want to save money but still capitalize on the charm of authentic flowers, you can look for a way to feature both types in different parts of your wedding decorations.

Why Some Couples Choose To Feature Artificial Flowers

If you are planning to create DIY wedding decorations, working with real flowers can be difficult because, simply put, they have a relatively short lifespan. This means you will have to put off your crafting until close to the day itself, which leaves you little margin for error as you work. Artificial flowers of all types are also available throughout the year, ensuring that you can find the right colors, shapes, and sizes to suit your wedding vision.

Moments Where Authentic Flowers Can Feel More Appropriate

To save money but preserve authenticity, some couples choose to selectively work in artificial flowers when they can. One easy way to determine if it is appropriate to use artificial flowers is to think about how close your guests might be to them. For a floral arrangement at your altar, where guests are not close, artificial pieces can be worked in with relative ease. However, for centerpieces at your reception tables, you may feel more comfortable using true flowers.

Working Floral Arrangements Into Your Decorative Plans

Your floral arrangements can help you create your ideal wedding look. Flowers can be a lovely and timeless way to work your wedding colors into your ceremony and reception spaces, but you can also use larger and more elaborate pieces to sneak in extra colors if you choose. Of course, you will also feature arrangements on you, your partner, and your wedding party members with boutonnieres and corsages!

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