Enjoying Venue Support Before And During Your Wedding

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The “right” venue can do more than just provide adequate space and lovely surroundings for your wedding celebration. In addition to offering locations for your wedding ceremony and reception, Texas Old Town provides amenities that can help you plan a successful event. These amenities can be particularly important on the day of your wedding, as they can make organizing and preparing everything easier. For couples who are looking for more assistance during their engagement period, we do provide an All-Inclusive Wedding Package that can be beneficial. This package allows you to describe the wedding you want, and rely on us to find the right vendors and make sure everything is in place on your special day.

The Right Amenities Can Make Your Wedding Easier

Different amenities can be important at different stages of your wedding. When you are still making plans for your event, our list of recommended vendors can help you find professionals ready to take on important tasks like catering, decorating, and entertaining your guests. We also provide amenities that make the day itself easier. For instance, with sixteen hours of venue access and dressing areas for both wedding parties, you can enjoy the time and space necessary to bring your special day to life. These standard amenities can reduce your stress at different stages of your engagement period, and provide you with less concern over how you will arrange everything before your guests arrive.

Should You Consider An All-Inclusive Wedding Package?

Some couples can have a harder time making necessary wedding plans. This can be due to a lack of time, a lack of experience arranging big events, or due to other complications. With an All-Inclusive Wedding Package, we can help you celebrate the wedding you envision while taking away planning stress. After telling us what you want for your event, we can work with reliable vendors to have your wedding ready for you when you arrive on the day itself. This package includes help with the setup and breakdown of your event, so you can stay focused on enjoying your wedding!

Check Out Our Special Bridal Garage Sale To Find Exciting Deals On Wedding Decorations!

On Sunday, January 26, Texas Old Town can help you find great decorations at exciting prices during our Bridal Garage Sale! Recent brides will offer up decorations they used for their celebrations. They can talk to you about how these pieces were used, and provide them at attractive prices! Bringing cash is recommended, as the person you buy from may not have a means of taking your payment by card.

Texas Old Town Can Help You Enjoy A Great Wedding Experience

At Texas Old Town, couples can enjoy a stunning Texas Hill Country location for their wedding, as well as valuable support in bringing their event to life! To plan your tour of our venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.