Informing Guests That Your Wedding Is A Child-Free Event

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

In the process of planning your ideal wedding event, or as a means of controlling the size of your guest list, you may decide that your celebration should be an adults-only affair. This choice has several advantages. People can feel a little more relaxed, and a little more comfortable making the most of their time at your reception, when no kids are present. You can also find that seating arrangements and meal plans are easier to make when people leave their kids at home. Of course, after you commit to this plan, you have something new to address – how will you let your guest know about your preference?

Be Careful About How You Address Your Invitations

While it may seem easy enough to just mention your preference for a child-free wedding in your wedding invitations, this is often considered poor form. What you can do is mention the matter on your wedding website, so it is documented. You can also limit confusion by taking care to explicitly only invite adults to your event. In other words, make sure you do not address an invitation to someone’s family, but instead mention the full names of the adults (or adult in the case of a single-parent household).

Ask Your Family Members To Help Communicate Your Preference For An Adults-Only Event

You have plenty of responsibilities to tend to while planning your wedding. Because of this, it can be difficult to answer everyone’s questions during your engagement period. To help people find out about your preference for a child-free wedding, talk to your family first, and ask them to help spread the word. They can field questions from relatives before those people reach out to you, so you have fewer people asking for your time and attention regarding this one matter.

What Do I Do If I Have Guests Who Push Back Against My Preference For An Adults-Only Wedding?

Some guests may decide to follow up with you about your choice to host an adults-only affair. Be careful not to make exceptions for certain couples, or create special rules like “adults only at the reception.” Make your rule clear, and be consistent with it. Some of your guests may be put off at first, but sticking to one standard for everyone will be easier than explaining to some of the parents in attendance why someone else was allowed to bring their family.

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