Making Plans For The End Of Your Wedding Reception

Professional Photo By: Regalia Photography

All good things must come to an end, but with the right planning you can ensure that your wedding night ends on a high note! The departure of the bride and groom is a memorable part of a wedding reception, but it is just one moment you should plan for the close of your evening. With the help of a wedding organizer, you can find a graceful way to let everyone know that your reception is almost over. Once the guests depart, you will need to have a plan in place to collect wedding gifts, gather your decorations, and make sure no items are left behind in your reception space. Texas Old Town can make the close of your evening easier when you purchase an All-Inclusive Wedding Package, which offers exciting support before, during, and at the end of your special day!

Alerting Your Guests That The Evening Is Nearing Its End

When your evening is almost over, it is important that your guests have some warning. This gives people one last chance to visit the bar for a final refreshment, and it helps everyone know when to gather together to send off the bride and groom. If you have a live band or DJ on hand for your evening, you can ask them to make an announcement so that no one is caught off guard by the night coming to an end. An event organizer can also help you usher people into position when you want to depart.

Arranging A Special Exit For The Bride And Groom

The departure of the bride and groom can be a touching moment for you both, and it can create great images for your wedding photographer to capture. Be mindful that any items you have guests wave or throw will have to be collected afterward, so anything that is particularly messy or cumbersome can be a bad idea. If you want to leave the venue in style, you can look for a luxury car rental to take you to your hotel!

An All-Inclusive Wedding Package Includes Support For The End Of Your Night!

In addition to helping you set up, we can provide support during the breakdown of your decorations when you select our All-Inclusive Wedding Package! This package is intended to make every part of your wedding experience easier. That includes support on the day itself. When you arrive, we will have people responsible for decorating everything, and they can handle taking everything down so your wedding party can focus on collecting gifts and other items that belong to you after you reception ends.

Texas Old Town Can Help You Host A Wonderful And Memorable Wedding!

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