Selecting Casual Attire For The Groom And Groomsmen

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Tuxedos and suits may be popular men’s attire for a wedding, but these formal choices may be an uncomfortable fit for your celebration. If you plan to celebrate a more casual wedding, or if you want to take advantage of our outdoor settings to create a rustic wedding atmosphere, relaxed menswear choices can work well for you. Committing to lighter jackets (or no jackets) and other less dressy choices can make you feel as though the guys are doing a better job belonging at your celebration. There is also a practical advantage to casual wear – if your outdoor wedding takes place during the warmer months, the groom and groomsmen can feel more comfortable standing at the altar.

Tuxedos And Suits May Not Be Right For Every Event

If you envision yourself celebrating a wedding with a more relaxed atmosphere, or one that exhibits a rustic charm, tuxedos and suits can feel like the wrong choices. While an outdoor wedding venue can work well as a formal setting, the natural surroundings of our Texas Hill Country venues can feel ideal for an occasion with more low-key charm. If you plan on featuring plain, vintage, or homespun decorative pieces, and intend to host a more casual reception experience, dropping the need for suits and tuxedos can be beneficial.

Creating A Look For Your Groom And Groomsmen

While you can feel better about menswear that stays away from conventional options like ties, jackets, and other items, you can be unsure of how to create a cohesive look between the guys with more relaxed attire. You can choose matching outfits for everyone in the groom’s party, but if you want to distinguish your groom, consider having him wear a different color boutonniere, a different color shirt, or a vest that does not match the others.

Does My Gown Need To Be As Informal As The Groom’s Attire?

Your wedding is the first event where you and your partner will go out as a married couple. With that in mind, some matching is certainly encouraged, though your wedding dress does not need to be equally casual to his! While you should shy away from overly formal dresses, you can select something that feels right for you, even if it is a step above what the groom is wearing.

Texas Old Town Can Provide The Ideal Setting For Your Wedding Experience

Texas Old Town is proud to provide beautiful ceremony and reception spaces for couples who want both formal and informal wedding experiences. If you hope to host a more laid-back or rustic event, you can find that our Texas Hill Country surroundings provide the ideal backdrop for your special day! To make an appointment to visit our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 orĀ complete our online contact form.