Use The Look Of Your Wedding To Showcase Your Personality

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

When you plan the look of your wedding, your focus should be on more than just how “nice” you can make everything look. This event is a celebration of the love you and your partner share, and you should try to create an experience that feels like a reflection of the two of you. The right style for your wedding can help you incorporate your personality in large and small ways. You can directly insert you and your partner into your wedding decorations with framed photos set up at your greeting table, or find subtler ways to showcase your personalities with your decorative choices. If you are looking for memorable pieces that are budget-friendly, make sure you check out our Bridal Garage Sale on Sunday, January 26!

Including Photos In Your Wedding Decorations

Many couples have included framed photos with their wedding greeting table in order to personalize this space. You can use your engagement photos for this, but you can also take pictures from earlier points in your relationship, or even the early points of your lives. The greeting table is not the only place where photos can be featured. You can use photo collages to create customized centerpieces for your reception tables, or even set up a backdrop of images at the reception to help people learn the story of your courtship.

Add A Groom’s Cake To Your Dessert Table

People often assume that the bride enjoys more influence when it comes to deciding on the look of a wedding ceremony and reception. With a groom’s cake, the groom is given a chance to inject more of themselves into your special day. These cakes can be smaller, but they can be specially decorated to reflect someone’s profession, hobby, or other interests. In addition to adding something visually interesting to your dessert table, you can also use the groom’s cake to add a different cake option for your guests.

The Right Pieces Can Make Your Wedding Feel Like An Extension Of You

No matter how formal or informal you want your wedding to be, you should feel that you have a personal connection to your event. With this in mind, you should take the time to select decorative pieces that truly speak to you and your tastes. If you want to find decorations at a discount, and hear feedback from recent brides about their decorative choices, visit our Bridal Garage Sale on January 26. The event will give you the opportunity to find budget-friendly items, interact with people who can share their wedding experiences, and explore our different venues!

Texas Old Town Can Help You Celebrate A Wedding That Truly Suits You

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