What Should We Do With Our Wedding Guest Book?

Professional Photo By: Meg Amorette Photography

Between the efforts of your wedding photographer and many of your guests, you will have plenty of images to commemorate your wedding celebration. With that said, you should still consider putting out a wedding guest book for everyone to sign. The wedding guest book creates a record of your event that you can hold onto for many years, and it can give people a space to share their thoughts and fond wishes concerning your celebration. Of course, you will want to do more than just lay out the guest book and hope guests find it! The right location and decorations can help draw people’s attention, and ensure your guests engage with it and create a record for you to save.

Creating Space For Your Wedding Guest Book

You should make sure that the table you put out for your guest book is easy to see, but not in a place that interferes with the flow of your reception. Keeping it near the entrance can help, so that people see it and can quickly sign it before taking their seats. The table where your book is situated can be adorned with more than just floral decorations and other standard decorations. You can put out personal and family photos, share your story, and generally give people a chance to see more of your relationship together in what you display.

Consider Asking Guests To Leave More Than Just Their Signatures

Why not ask your guests to share more than just their signatures? If you want something more meaningful, ask people to record advice, share their well-wishes, or contribute any other words that you may want recorded. One thing you can do is ask people to do is record a message for you and your partner on your first anniversary, so you can return to the memories and their word at a later date.

Saving Your Wedding Guest Book

What should you do with your wedding guest book after the night ends? While it may not be something you display prominently, like your wedding photos, it is still a piece of your special day that you can be glad to retain. Saving it, and other keepsakes, in a box dedicated to your wedding can give you a physical treasure trove that you can cherish, and enjoy revisiting.

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