What To Do If You Don’t Want Traditional Wedding Gifts

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Even if you want to host a wedding with a traditional atmosphere, you may have little interest in the gifts couples normally put on their registry. What should you do if you have little need for the sort of homemaking gifts that couples normally receive at their celebration? Many couple have found fun alternatives to the classic registry. You may find that while gifts for your home are less than necessary, you can ask for support in other ways. It may feel more beneficial to ask for your guests to help support your honeymoon, or to make donations for a certain charity.

Do I Really Need To Set Up A Gift Registry?

Ultimately, your wedding can proceed without a gift registry in place. If you choose to simply not ask for material support, make sure your guests know in advance so they are not confused by their inability to find your registry. This is not something you should include in your wedding invitations, but you should share the information with your close friends and family so that they can share the details with others. You can also mention your lack of a registry on your wedding website.

You Can Ask For Wedding Gifts That Help You Enjoy Your Honeymoon

Couples have enjoyed success requesting support based around their plans for their honeymoon. This can take the form of a Honeyfund, which helps you manage the cost of your trip, but it can also take the form of gifts selected to make your travels easier. For instance, you can ask for larger gift items, like pieces of luggage, or you can ask for smaller items that make travel easier.

Other Options For Gift Alternatives

Instead of asking for gifts, you can ask people to make donations to a particular charity in honor of your event. People can be happy to help support a good cause, and they can appreciate having a way to give support to you as a way to show their support for your relationship. You can also move away from “conventional” registry items and ask for gifts that make sense for your lives. Your guests can learn more about you, and help you take on exciting projects, when you create a gift registry around your interests or hobbies instead of asking for conventional home goods.

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